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EHV networks 110, 220, 500 kV

Distribution networks 6, 10, 35 kV

Networks of internal power supply 0.4 kV

Construction and installation works

Installation and commissioning of high-frequency protection cabinets and stepped protections of the EKRA microprocessor terminal at a 220 kV substation
Commissioning and commissioning of the dispatching of the Prosoft System substation, acceptance tests of complete switchgears 35 kV, 6 kV, dry transformers 6/0.4 kV, cable lines 35 kV, 6 kV, low voltage switchgears 0.4 kV, microprocessor terminals Sepam Schneider electric
Insulation resistance measurements, phase-to-neutral loop, metal bond, earth resistance
Design, construction, installation and commissioning works for the installation of a complete transformer substation and a turnkey diesel generator set
Maintenance of the protection of the autotransformer 220/110/10 kV of the ABB microprocessor terminal, differential protection of the transformer of the Bresler microprocessor terminal in the scope of preventive restoration
Supervised installation and commissioning of power and relay equipment: high-voltage cells, transformers, capacitor units 10 kV, complete transformer substations 10/0.4 kV, arc protection OVOD, BAVR, microprocessor protection BMRZ
Adjustment of frequency-controlled drives, remote control and monitoring of monoblocks, valves, regulators, pressure sensors on network pumps
Reconstruction of a closed switchgear: installation work on the replacement of complete cells with one-sided maintenance, connection of a cable line, installation of cable boxes, testing of installed equipment
Professional restoration of the differential-phase protection of the 110 kV line DFZ 201) Professional restoration of the transceiver of high-frequency protection PVZU-E-170 kHz Professional control of the differential and current protection of the 110 kV line EPZ 1636
Installation and commissioning of arc protection, automatic frequency unloading cabinet, remote control and replacement of electromechanical relays with Relematika TOR and TEMP terminals
Adjustment and repair of automatic switching on of the reserve, reactive power compensation devices
Reconstruction of an open switchgear 6/35/110 kV with the replacement of an oil circuit breaker with an SF6 one, delivery of the mounted equipment to a hard-to-reach region, installation, commissioning
Maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, repair and testing of disconnectors, switches, drives, transformers, measuring transformers for current, voltage 110 kV
Design, manufacture of rotary panels, commissioning of microprocessor protection Radius Avtomatika Sirius with a circuit breaker failure backup device, logical busbar protection and BB / Tel control units, installation of arc protection of a 10 kV busbar section
Loading automatic switches 0.4 kV, adjustment of measuring switchboards Electrical appliance, automatic transfer switch Siemens, Schneider electric
Installation of termination and connecting cable boxes 35, 10, 6 kV
Modernization of the telemechanics system of KP Iset and Energoservice with the organization of communication channels: installation of equipment, configuration and commissioning
Checking the excitation cabinet of a turbogenerator with a generator test
Commissioning and commissioning of fire and security alarms
Repair of electric motors, replacement of bearings, alignment of rotating mechanisms of electric motors, control measurements of vibration of bearings of rotating mechanisms

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Electrical installation works, construction and installation works, commissioning works | FUTURE ENERGY

We carry out installation and commissioning work at power plants, substations and buildings. We carry out installation and adjustment of equipment throughout Europe and beyond. A huge range of services: design, construction and installation works, commissioning of equipment, acceptance tests of electrical equipment, operational tests of package transformer substations, professional control, professional restoration of relay protection and automation equipment, cell retrofit, etc. Among our clients are such organizations as: Bashkirenergo, SUENKO, Regional communal energy, IDGC of Urals ETK, Transneft, USTEK, Tominsky GOK, Gorsvet, Chelyabinskgorgaz, Churilovo and Martynovsky Agrocomplexes, Gazprom, Chukotenergo, etc.